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Adjustable Paving Support Pads

Adjustable Paving Support Pads

Price: 3.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Size40 - 1000mm
BrandRyno Decking
FitmentFlat Roof/Promenade Slabs


Looking to create a perfectly level paving or decking area on an uneven surface? Em-Pad provides the simplest and fastest solution.

With its unique self-levelling head design, Em-Pad allows for rapid installation over uneven or sloping areas, accommodating anything up to 10.5% gradient (6°)

Em-Pad also has a height range spanning 40mm - 1000mm. This capacity allows drainage below the slabs as well as space to conceal pipes, cables, and other utility installations. In addition, slabs can easily be removed at any time to allow for on-going maintenance.
Em-Pad is manufactured from solid polypropylene and has the highest compression tolerance of any paving pedestal in the world, withstanding in excess of 2100Kg* of compression.

Em-Pad is suitable for use with all conventional paving and decking systems.

These days more and more roof designs have to incorporate a completely flat upper surface in order to utilise them more effectively as accessable areas, for e.g, balconys. You can turn any useful area that currently has exposed waterproofing in to a leaisure area with paving slabs and our support pads.

Key Benefits

Since our support pads create a suspended paving system, the promenade slabs can simply be lifted up should the roof deck need to be inspected for damage, leaks or anythingthing else.

The perfect opportunity for more commercial buildings to hide unsightly objects such as cables, water pipes and drainage outlets as we offer pads with a maximum height of 200mm so all of this can easily be hidden underneath the paving slabs, which could be lifted even just to access items such as hidden electric points or water taps on a regular basis if required.

- Utilises the ‘ball & socket’ joint concept to allowa free moving captive head
- Provides slope correction of up to 10.5% (6°)
- Paving or decking is laid onto the pedestals without having to manually adjust slope correction. This results in significant time savings and a perfectly level finished area
- Head locking ring
- Optional extra component
- For installation onto areas that are totally level (0° fall)
- Holds the head in a totally level position, further speeding up the installation process

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