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FAKRO Roof Window Buying Guide



FAKRO was founded in 1991 and have become an innovative and fast growing manufacture of Roof Windows, with 15% of the Global Market at present! Here in the UK it is served by FAKRO GB LTD which operates not far from us here in Derbyshire.

A few reasons why we chose to add FAKRO Roof Windows alongside our Rooflights and Skylights;

FAKRO is a global player in the manufacture of roof windows
Number two worldwide in the roof window market
FAKRO has approximately 15% share of the global market
12 manufacturing companies worldwide with 200 thousand sq metres of production and office area
16 FAKRO distribution companies ( England, USA, France, Holland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, China, Latvia, Czech Republic, Denmark)
30 thousand m2 of storage space
An extended distribution network in all countries
Own modern development and research department ( with over 100 engineers)
Owner of many patented and several patent pending solutions

FAKRO products are available through our online shop at The Skylight Company. We offer a fast ordering service for all FAKRO Roof Windows and associated FAKRO products. Our sales team are here to offer any guidance you may need but here is an easy to use guide on ordering FAKRO Rooflights online today.

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FAKRO Roof Windows

FAKRO Roof Windows - Understanding Product Reference Codes

With such a large range of windows, it can be a little confusing at first to know exactly what window you are looking for. Here is a simple overview of the product codes FAKRO use and what they mean.

Center Pivot Roof Window Frame
FTP - High Quality Pine Frame, with a Pine internal finish.
FTW - High Quality Pine Frame, with White Acrylic Painted internal finish.
FTU - High Quality Pine Frame, triple coating of white polyurethane for a smooth, clean internal finish
PTP - Multi-chamber white PVC profile Frame, with reinforced steel core. Clean White internal finish.

Top Hung Roof Window Frame
FPP - High Quality Pine Frame, with a Pine internal finish.
FPW - High Quality Pine Frame, with White Acrylic Painted internal finish.
FPU - High Quality Pine Frame, triple coating of white polyurethane for a smooth, clean internal finish

Roof Window Glazing
U3 - Toughened Glass - Double Glazed
U6- Toughened Glass - Triple Glazed
U8 - Toughened Glass - Quad Glazed
P2 - Laminated Safety Glass - Double Glazed
P5 - Laminated Glass - Triple Glazed
O2 - Obscured Safety Glass - Double Glazed
R1 - Noise Reduction Glass - Double Glazed
R3 - Noise Reduction Glass - Triple Glazed
FAKRO Conservation Windows

FAKRO Conservation Windows

The FAKRO Roof windows in this category are designed to meet all planning requirements in conservation areas as well as development of historic buildings.

The visuals of FAKRO Conservation Windows offer a black vertical mullion bar down the middle of the window and also has black cladding. Making it suitable for traditional construction.

This results in maintaining the character of unique, stylised buildings from the outside while simultaneously creating a comfortable, modern interior.

Most of our standard windows are available in this version, including: centre pivot, preSelect (top hung and centre pivot), roof access and raised axis windows.

FAKRO Conservation Windows are manufactured in P2 Glazing and P5 Glazing as standard. (See above for Glazing Reference Codes)

RAL 9005 - Jet Black

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FAKRO PreSelect

What is FAKRO PreSelect?

Basically, this is a Roof Window that offers both Centre Pivot and Top Hung operating.

FAKRO have designed a new generation of top hung and pivot roof windows with two separate opening functions: top hung and centre pivot.

- Separate opening functions provide sash stability and increase safety.
- The outward opening function enables the sash to be opened in any position from 0 to 35°. - With a 35° angle, you have easier access to the window.
- The pivot function enables the sash to be rotated through 180° and is used when cleaning the outer pane or operating an awning blind. The design and development of the hinges guarantees a safe opening and complete stability when opened to the full 35°.
- Opening method can be changed using the preSelect sliding switch positioned in the middle of the frame accessible when the window is open.
- Comfort of operation when using the handle located at the bottom of the sash. Elegant handle is equipped with a two step microopening facilty.
- Easy cleaning of the outer pane and setting the awning blind with the use of blocking sash bolt when rotated through 180°.
- Available as standard with energy-saving glazing P2.
- Increased resistance to burglary - topSafe system

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What are ZWAVE Roof Windows?

What are ZWAVE Roof Windows?

This is FAKRO's range of FAKRO Electric Roof Windows.

Pivot window with factory-fitted equipment (switchboard, motor and transformer) to enable it to remotely open, close and control accessories via the remote control.
Equipped with a rain sensor that automatically closes the sash during the rain.
It has contacts on the frame for easy fitting of the electrical accessories.
Easy connection to the mains supply 230V.
Comfortable operation due to the remote control that comes complete with the roof window. By turning the handle 90° the sash is disconnected with the actuator.
Automatic air inlet V40P.
The standard glazing option is our anti-burglary P2 double glazing, others can be requested.
Increased resistance to burglary - topSafe system.
Accessories in the electric version are additionally equipped in Z-Wave module.
Suitable for roof pitches 15 to 90 degrees.

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