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Monopitch Rooflight

Monopitch Rooflights

Monopitch RooflightsMonopitch RooflightsMonopitch RooflightsMonopitch Rooflights

Monopitch Rooflights

Monopitch (out-of-plane) rooflights are bespoke manufactured continuous rooflights and come supplied with polyester powder coated aluminium frames.

Bespoke Monopitch Skylights are a popular choice for bringing natural daylight into buildings. These sloped rooflights, with a minimum 15° pitch, are widely specified for schools, public buildings, retail developments and homes, both new-build and refurbishment, and are perfect too for creating canopied courtyard areas. This skylight range is manufactured from premium quality aluminium glazing bars and glazed with either polycarbonate or glass, the opportunities are endless as any run length is achievable. Our Monopitch and dual pitched skylights come with a 20-year warranty

All of our bespoke mono pitch rooflights are supplied and installed by our professional installation experts, on site.

We can supply mono pitch rooflights in 0.6m to 6m pitched lengths, and are created to suit a curb slope pitch of 15 - 75°.

Each rooflight is terminated with either a wall abutment section or some form of capping. Each bay is designed to have equal centres of up to 1m and will be created in accordance with your required size and glazing option.


To comply with Building Regulations and make the most of a Monopitch Rooflight we offer the ability to create a light, airy welcoming internal environment with top hung vents.

We also have the ability to install ventilation which is either operated manually or electronically by 24V or 230V electric actuators.

Glazing Options

Mono and dual pitched rooflights can be specified with glass or multiwall polycarbonate to cater for a number of different requirements

We offer a few different types of glazing options:

Aerogel - This is a special translucent filling that is manufactured within a multiwall polycarbonate glazing. Aerogel is spread evenly within the polycarbonate to give perfect diffused light and excellent thermal properties.

Glass - Double glazed glass gives a great U-Value and can also include options like self cleaning glass, solar control and fire rated. When glass is specified the thickness of the glazing and type is determined by the size and specification of the lantern unit.

Polycarbonate - Virtually indestructable polycarbonate is stronger, usable in a wider temperature range. Polycarbonate is highly transparent to visible light, with better light transmission than many kinds of glass.

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