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Pitched Roof Window Buying Guide

Pitched Roof Windows - Buying Guide

Roof Windows - What You Need To Know

Roof Windows are outward opening windows that are installed in to part of the design of a roof, usually a tiled or slated pitched roof. Often confused with a Rooflight or Skylight (Which usually is referred to as Flat Roof Rooflights or Skylights), a roof window differs in a few basic ways.

A Roof Window is often a good option when there is a desire to allow both natural daylight and fresh air into a room.

There are many manufacturers available to choose from including VELUX Windows and FAKRO Roof Windows.

While a roof window is sometimes included in the original construction of the building, it is possible to add a window to an existing roof. Usually as long as the framework and the pitch of the roof allow for the installation of a roof window, it can be installed with relative ease. Many manufacturers offer ready made flashing kits hat can be installed by a professional roofer in a matter of hours.

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Roof Window Size

What Size Roof Window?

The size of the window will make a big difference to the amount of light in a room. Manufacturers like VELUX and FAKRO offer a huge range of sizes and combinations forcustomers to choose from.

When purchasing a Roof Window, most manufacturers sizes usually refer to the external frame size.


How would you like to operate your Roof Window? There are a few available options which can make opening and closing your window ultra easy!

Manual -
For windows within easy reach.

Electric -
Simple up/down/stop operation wall switch
Ideal for out of reach windows
Easy to install, just plug into a power supply

Solar Powered -
Ideal for out of reach windows
No need to plug into a power supply, making installation even quicker and easier
PV solar cell on external window frame
Rain sensor pre-fitted closes window automatically in the event of rain (VELUX)
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Top or Bottom Operated Roof Windows?

Top or Bottom - Top Hung vs Center Pivot

So you know the size of the window you are looking to install, but do you need a Top Hung or Center Pivot window? This question gets asked all the time so lets try and narrow things down to help make that decision.

Center Pivot is usually the standard option. Usually there is a top control bar which makes it easy to open even with furniture under the window. Some windows like VELUX, have a design where the unit can be rotated 180° for cleaning. Usually all Center Pivot windows are available in manual, electric or solar operation. But it is worth noting that Center Pivot windows are suited for roof pitches between 15° and 90°

Top Hung Windows open outwards for an unobstructed view. Usually Top hung windows open any position up to around 45°, depending on manufacture. Top Hung Windows usually come with a convenient bottom handle which makes it easy to reach. And worth noting again that Top Hung windows are suitable for roof pitches between 15° and 55°, rather than 90° like Venter Pivot. (Again this may change slightly depending on manufacture)

So hopefully this helps make the decision on what type of operating window you need.
Finishes and Glazing Options

Finishes and Glazing Options

Glazing Options
Majority of manufacturers will ofer various glazing options to suit your needs and requirements.

Usually as standard a Roof Window will be provided with Safety Glass. Which is typically a Laminated Inner Pane and Toughened Outer Pane.

You then have other options including Noise Reduction, Low Energy (Triple Glazing), Easy Clean or Comfort and Opaque/Diffused options for privacy (Bathrooms, etc)

All of these options will have different glazing specs to achieve their specific performance and this will affect price.

This choice is usually down to personal preference. You have various options usually including;

White Painted - Bright white finish with discrete wood grain,Perfect for modern interiors and Painted before assembly for a flawless finish.

Pine - Ideal for a traditional interior with a high quality natural pine and typically coated with a clear lacquer.

White Polyurethane - Perfect for contemporary interiors and ideal for humid rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms as it has a moisture resistant finish.


Flashing Kits can be provided with all Pitched Roof Windows to suit your roofing material. Flashing kits are designed to integrate perfectly into the roofing material, meaning your window is completely weathertight. Flashing Kits usually come in different options depending on the roofing material you have. For example;

Plain Tile
Slate Tile

Then you may have sub categories of these;

EDW Tile, EDP Tile, Recessed Tile, Recessed Slate.

This just all depends on the tile or slate you have. If you are unsure, just send us an image and we should be able to determine what kit you need.

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