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Whitesales Dome Skylights

Brett Martin Domes

Brett Martin Domes

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Flat Roof Windows | Dome Skylights

Flat Roof Windows | Dome Skylights

Our dome skylights are ultra high-quality thermoformed rooflights that have been designed to make optimum use of natural light. We offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and glazing options to meet virtually any specifier and client requirements.

What is unique about our flat roof skylights is that they offer patented high-security screwbolts which come supplied already fitted as standard to all of our units. Once installed, the fixing cannot be removed using common tools.

All of our fixed dome skylights are supplied with upstands that are designed to be used in conjunction with our Dome rooflights to provide a thermally broken interface which in turn helps to improve the overall thermal efficiency of the roof.

150mm splayed Upstands can accommodate controllable trickle ventilation in the sidewalls, that work with virtually all flat roofing systems.

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