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Flat Glass Rooflights

Flat Glass Rooflights

We offer high quality, aesthetically pleasing prefabricated double glazed flat rooflights from leading manufacturers such as Whitesales and our very own Permaroof Glass Edge rooflight. Our flat roof rooflights are available in a wide range of standard sizes or can be made to measure. These can also be colour coated to match other roof components like our edge trim if required.

The flush design ensures efficient drainage of rainwater and the silkprint edge ensures that the double glazed unit holds the unrivalled insulation value over the full lifetime without deterioration.
All of our flat glass rooflights boast incredible performance qualitys and great U-Value, as well as being factory pre-glazed for easy installation.

We currently offer Flatglass Rooflights in various sizes from the UK's leading manufacturers.


A selection of Square Double Glazed Rooflights ranging in sizes from 600mm x 600mm - 110mm x 1100mm. A selection of quality Rectangular Double Glazed Flat Skylights in sizes from 700mm x 1000mm - 3000mm x 1000mm.

Factory welded glazing frame & factory glazed as standard.
All of our glass rooflights boast incredible performance qualitys and great U-Value.

If you are unsure which Flat Glass Rooflight is right for you, then see our buying guides section below.

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