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Korniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mm

Korniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mm

Korniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mmKorniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mmKorniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mmKorniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mmKorniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mmKorniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mmKorniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mmKorniche Roof Lantern - 850 x 850mm

Total Price: 699.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Delivery7 - 10 Days
Glass Specification4mm Toughened Outer Pane / 4mm Toughened Inner Pane
External Upstand Size850 x 850mm External
External Colour(Please Choose)
Internal Colour(Please Choose)
MaterialGlass / Aluminium / PVC
Product TypeFlat Roof Lantern
Required Upstand Height150mm
GlazingDouble Glazed
Upstand N/A Rooflight Only
Ventilation None

Roof Lantern supplied kit form as standard!

Key Features
U-Value1.2 W/m²K Guarantee10 Years Roof Pitch0 - 15 Deg Sound Reduction30 db

Korniche Roof Lantern Description

Exceptional performance
Create a bright living space, with first-rate views, without paying extortionate prices, or compromising on quality.

Quickest, most efficient lantern to install
Fully fitted in under 30 minutes

Substantially stronger than it's competitors
Optimised to allow minimal structure
Secure home solution
A 6m x 4m lantern can withstand over 8 tonnes

Superior, class leading thermal performance
Elimination of cold bridging - total isolation of external aluminium profiles from internal ones
High-performance glazing
U-value as low as 1.0 W/m²K

The most elegant, slimline roof lantern on the market
Cutting-egde engineering concepts
Aesthetically-pleasing - retains traditional features in a contemporary setting

With minimal structure obscuring your view, the Korniche lantern is the perfect choice, optimised to result in the stiffest and strongest lantern possible.
The finishing touch

Lantern rooflight features
24mm thick, toughened, self-cleaning glass
25° pitch structure
Neutral, blue tint, and sunshade blue tint glazing options available
Argon-filled double glazing
Stronger, slimmer frame
Modern design

Overall product height
1.00m width = 358mm height
1.50m width = 474mm height
2.00m width = 591mm height

Eaves to sit flush on the external upstand
Ensure upstand is level and square
It is the responsibility of the installer to determine the finishing detail of the inside
No sealant required in roof construction
After the eaves beam has been fitted, the installer need not apply any further sealant. All seals are pre-fitted. No mess, no wasted time.

Please note: The images shown are indicative only. Lanterns up to 2.5m x 3m will have 4 panes of glass. Larger dimensions will have 6 panes of glass.

The Korniche lantern is available in 5 different colour combinations, meaning you can select the perfect finish for your home, to suit your décor. Create an impressive feature, that will be the envy of your neighbours, with one of these finish options:

Korniche Colours

Black external/black internal RAL 9005 MATT
Grey external/grey internal RAL 7016 MATT
White external/white internal RAL 9010 GLOSS
Matt black external/gloss white internal
Matt grey external/gloss white internal


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